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Getting Unfucked

"Getting Unfucked... and then Getting Naked"

When you think about your life, your story, where do you find yourself "stuck" the most?  
A place, an event, a moment... that you can't seem to let go of. It's holding you back. it has "fucked you up". It's keeping you from greatness. It's keeping you from reaching your full potential. You are not alone! With the help of my friends, we have compiled a list of stories, I'm sure you can relate to one or more of them.  
The goal of this book is to help you heal from your past traumas. With journaling prompts, and a fresh perspective, along with a tribe of women who are joining the movement, you will not be alone on your journey to Getting Unfucked.


I know that uncovering your shit, can be really super scary and that having a tribe to support you can make a world of difference.

Join us every Thursday night at 5pm PST to get support as we uncover your shit, hear about the life experiences of other women, and how you can relate to them with your own experience. Together, we will learn that we are not alone in this life's journey.

You will find the PASSWORD to enter this secret book club on PAGE 1 of your book.

Find this sentence: BE SURE to JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP – that is all about community and support. It’s the ____! (the blank word is the password)


“Start Now. Start where you are. Start with fear. Start with pain. Start with doubt. Start with hands shaking. Start with voice trembling but start. Start and don’t stop. Start where you are, and with what you have.

Just… Start”

- Ijeoma Umebinyuo


Elaine Turso


My name is Elaine Turso and I want to help you get UnFucked. 

People asked me WHY I call my program something that includes profanity... I will tell you why. Profanity is to me, a form of honesty. When I say Unfucked, you know EXACTLY what I am referring to. All of the bullshit you have been a part of that has twisted your mind to believe something that isn't true. 

Typically, this twisted way of thinking affects confidence, body image, self worth, and success. 

Becoming a member of Get Unfucked will allow you to receive tools to help you UNFUCK your mindset. You will become part of our community, our sisterhood. 

You will be safe, respected, honored and you will not receive advice unless you ASK for it! 



Amber's Story... 

It all started when...

I met Amber for a wardrobe consultation for a Boudoir Shoot. She was coming out of a bad break up and really needed to FIND herself. She was lost. We talked alot and decided we would do a Bare Bones shoot and a Boudoir/Glamour type shoot. Super excited to work with her. 

After her shoot, she signed up for my Body Image Coaching Program (called Perfectly Imperfect Body Image Boot Camp - now called Get Unfucked), and I have seen her grow soooooo much. 

What were you hoping to get out of body image boot camp?
To be able to look in the mirror and be okay with my reflection. To realize I am enough. To be a better parent.

What was the biggest lesson you learned in boot camp?
It’s all about your mindset. You have the ability to unfuck yourself. You are in control of your life. Self care!!!

When did you have your “A-HA MOMENT”?
The SHERO lesson with Jentrey. Making excuses. Stop waiting for some one to save me when I have the power to save myself.

How has your confidence been improved since graduating boot camp?

What’s your biggest piece of advice to give to someone who is struggling with their body image/confidence?
You are enough and you are worth it right this second, right now, this life, this body! You. Are. Worth. It. You deserve all the love this world is capable of giving and it starts by you getting to love yourself!
— Amber

hear the change for yourself in her Naked Mirror Challenges! 

The day my picture was taken...

"It's hard to fully put into words when you actually love yourself. You don't even realize how far you have come until some random moment occurs and you think to yourself wow, I never would have done that before. That moment for me was when my picture was taken. I was in Elaine's studio helping her with a "beautiful if" project. I took off my shirt, she wrote a message on my body, took my picture, and I left. It wasn't until I sat for a minute to realize what I had just done. I got my picture taken and didn't even bat an eye. It didn't bring me anxiety. It didn't feel like the room was spinning. I didn't cry. This was it. This was my moment. I. loved. Myself. I loved my body. I knew I was good enough. I was perfect just the way I was. I am worthy. I am worthy of love. I am worthy of self care. I am worthy of being photographed. I think I spent so long hating myself that I needed that moment. It was finally my realization that my mindset had shifted. My first thoughts are no longer negative. The inner mean girl in my head no longer dominated what I thought about myself or my body. So even though she still makes an appearance from time to time, I know now that I am strong enough to kick her ass to the curb because I love myself too much to listen. It just took the day I was photographed to truly realize it. That was my moment, and to me that will be forever priceless." - Amber (she sent this to me on 1/20/18)


How I can help you?

We've all got shit...baggage, weighing us down. Our inner mean girls play this horrible broken record in our heads that tell us we aren't good enough, pretty enough, skinny enough... if you just looked like her , then you'd be beautiful, or whatever bullshit your record plays. This program is for those who want to take back their lives, and say FUCK YOU to the past and move forward with confidence and begin to realize that YOU are FUCKING AWESOME!


I'm ready to GET UNFUCKED

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